I just got off the phone with my Aunt and started thinking. She doesn’t get communicating online at all. She gets the technology, but she doesn’t get why people spend so much time and money to talk to strangers or have more email than they can handle. This stumped me for a minute, but then I got a theory.

It used to be you could talk to people on the street. You could chat about the weather or the news and it would be nice and then you’d go your separate ways. But now you have to worry that they are psycho or they’re gonna ask you for something, or worse, that they’ll think you are weird.

So from this condition we have shut ourselves down. We size somebody up in a second and we cross the street, either literally or figuratively. We judge people by how they look, of course, but it’s a complex assessment– in a flash– based on so many little things that it takes up too large of your brain.

The thing is, people still want to connect. Behind all that cynicism is this desperate need to connect. You know when people do good deeds accidentally, like keeping a whale alive when it’s washed onshore or helping somebody out during a fire or something? They all feel so good, and they can’t quite explain it.

So in cyberspace, they are talking to people again! But in this virtual world, they don’t have to worry that somebody’s gonna pull a gun if they say the wrong thing. Or even if someone is psycho, they can go ahead and talk to them, they never have to see them again, that if they want to. They can even enjoy talking to a psycho. They’re safe enough to connect. And for women?! Whoa! Suddenly they can tell assholes to fuck off without getting killed, or be really sexy in a way that they would never be normally, and just enjoy it. Even though the majority of onliners are men, I think it’s gonna change, if for that reason alone.

This leads me to why so many men pose as women online. It’s like cyber-crossdressing. They give up the male role for awhile or pretend they’re lesbians. What cracks me up is that they’re probably doing it with other guys as well who are acting like women that moment too.

    Awesum: You a guy or a girl?
    Scratch: Does it matter?
    Awesum: I’m pretty loose about most things, but I don’t f*ck no dudes.
    Scratch: Ah, that’s a shame, baby. You’d probably enjoy it if you loosened up. That’s OK. I’m not anything tonight.
    Awesum: I take it you enjoy watching two guys together. No, I don’t think I would enjoy it, and yes, I am pretty loose.
    Scratch: I enjoy lots of things, like guys who can be receptive, as it were. :)
    Awesum: I can be receptive to certain things. But I enjoy it more when I do the giving.
    Scratch: Aint’ that sweet. And rare.
    Awesum: So do you just naturally have a fucked-up attitude. Or is this your way of weeding out certain people?
    Scratch: WTF do you know about my attitude dude. I’m gonna fire up a weedwhacker if you continue.
    Awesum: Somehow I get the impression you’re a guy. If that’s the case, bring the weedwhacker over here and I will demonstrate on you how it is used properly… ha ha. Your attitude is all fucked up. But I think that is just great. LOL
    Sratch: “signs off

Oh, I got off the track. But only when you’ve tried mIRC and other cleints with scripting language, you can know what I mean.