In the future,

I will look back at memories of US and sigh (or smile) and be thankful for what time we spent together, be it days, weeks, months, or mere seconds.

I will remember the wine you sipped from the dish of my tongue; such is a poem so sweet you left on a frozen December night; crispy creams at early morn, sleeping to your guitared lullabies.

I may forget the names I used to call you, subsequent years from now -- concrete details lost to memory forever... but I will never forget the essence of what made You who You are, and why I chose You, for a time.

If we'll meet years from now, wherever it'll be, however the events will twist our fate,  I'll still be proud to say;

I did love you so-- it was like a well, so deep, that if you went to the very bottom, you'd see stars.

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